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In Focus - The Argentina Tango on the Vietnam’s road
The Argentina caravan group ride on their own motorbikes from Hanoi to the central highland of...
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Camping with John "Caveman" Gray
CAMPING IN CAT BA ISLAND WITH THE “CAVEMAN”  The photo report is here The beauty...
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Company Profile
Ho Guom Investment, Tourist and Im-Export One Member Company Ltd – INSERIMEX TRAVEL is established...
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Our Policies
Refering our policy such as booking, cancelation, payment ....
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Contact us
Contact us via telephone, fax or email ...
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Old Hanoi‘s arts
These photos come from a collection of 2000 photos about Hanoi in the past by retired teacher Doan...
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Same, Same but Different - Visitng Hanoi & up country by Sandra Scott
“Same, same but different” is a familiar saying in Vietnam. Ten years ago, my husband, John and...
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Detailed program for Hanoi’s 1,000th anniversary
The full and details schedule of activities & festival greeting of 1.000th anniversary...
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John Gray Sea Canoe - Our Franchise partner

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A brief introduction Vietnam village culture
Being a typical agricultural country, people's lives must depend much on natural conditions, thus,...
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The Lunar Calendar in Vietnam
As with the Chinese, the Vietnamese lunar calendar begins with the year 2637 B.C. It has 12 months...
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